"Healing comes in many ways and forms, and there is no one way that is better than another."

— Hope Umansky

About Dr. Hope Umansky, PhD

Dr. Hope is a Media Ambassador, part of an elite group of keynote speakers and authors that provides media interviews, authorship, radio and podcast interviews to major media outlets. She advocates for clients to examine the edgy truths that makes us who we are and influence our behavior with self and American culture. Dr. Hope On Point represents my media expertise which is in the intersection of historical context and popular American culture, with an emphasis on the complex human experience and transcending personal and collective trauma.

How Hope Heals

Having spent the last 15 years in higher education and a near decade in the CxO space leading one of the world’s most progressive educational
institutions, her expertise is in the intersection of how current news, American popular culture, and pivotal societal events inform and shape our personal and collective identities. Humanity is at a pinnacle moment. #pandemica ™ is a series that she offers about how the pandemic has specifically infected all of our institutions, including our self-concept and interactions with our communities, society, and globally. More than ever, this time has brought into stark relief how a lack of  diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as systemic inequalities, injustices, and discrimination, critically affect our individual & collective lives.

There is a fluid interaction between current events and our interpersonal and outer-personal reactions that affect society and the zeitgeist. We are in a reciprocal, dynamic relationship with the media and current events. Without integration of the new realities, as a psychological consultant with an expertise in American culture, my emphasis as a media expert is in speaking and leading compassionately and consciously, while exploring how our lives, individually and collectively, interact within larger institutions, such as government, healthcare, & education, to name a few, with the goal of creating a more kind-hearted and equitable society. We need to lay bare certain truths, face certain realities, if we are to move forward as a literally and figuratively sustainable world.

Getting inside American’s brain and heart, with a high-touch style, is deep work but critically  important to understanding the fluid relationship between self, community, society, and the global world. We have to become aware of how our reactions to events shape our self and collective identities if we want to move through the new decade with compassion and a deeper one world/one heart mentality. It is messy work, facing tough questions about ourselves and our world, but it is the only way forward.

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Arts | English Literature

Fellowship | Women and Violence in the 20th Century

Reed College | Master of Arts in Liberal Studies; English Literature

California Institute for Human Science | MA in General Psychology; PhD in Clinical Psychology

Middle and High School Student Teacher & Educational Consultant

During this time, I had great success isolating the individualized pathway for each student to maximize their talent and success.

College and Graduate level Master Professor in literature, composition and rhetoric; humanities; communications, psychology and leadership

Each institution, project, and student can emerge in the same way I did onto a path that is aligned with oneself and the mission of the organization.

More about Dr. Hope

In addition to my work as a psychological consultant, I work as a global strategic and compassionate leadership consultant. After serving many years in both traditional and non-traditional institutions, my combined professional experience of having led one of the most innovative consciousness-based integrative health and psychology institutions in the world and my versatile educational background,  provides a visionary and unique perspective on American culture and media. Having earned a BA in English literature from Scripps College, of The Claremont Colleges; a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies in English literature from Reed College, and an additional MA/PhD in Clinical Psychology, I work on an integrative, conscious, and forward-thinking level. Innovations: Education Advocacy Group, Inc., offers a revolutionary singular focus on compassionate leadership and Whole student education; while my psychological consultant practice, Hope Health and Healing is based in integrative health and psychology.

Being referred to as the rogue consultant, although meant to insult my iconoclastic ideas as a woman, is a great compliment. It takes a rogue vision to think out of the box and provide innovative perspectives on American society, psychology, and the zeitgeist. I look forward to offering a unique psychology based perspective on the questions and events that weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. I do not purport to know the answers; instead, my work seeks to illuminate critical questions and contradictions aspiring for a more Whole and kinder global world view.