An Integrative Health, Psychology, and Wellness Consultant Practice

With a rogue vision, Dr. Hope is an internationally renowned American studies and psychology consultant, keynote speaker, author, and professor.

Hope Umansky PhD

About Dr. Hope’s Practice

There can be no healing without hope in the heart.

Hope Health and Healing, a consulting practice, offers integrative psychology coaching and consulting services that are designed to augment and complement your lifestyle and other psychological or medical services you may be receiving. Rather than an assumptive, “What is wrong and how are we going to fix it?” talk-based clinical therapy approach, Dr. Hope’s integrative practice addresses your global wellness ( meaning the whole self ) as we connect to a larger global or cosmic consciousness that has a wellspring of relief, loving kindness, and a profound sense of well-being by reconnecting you to your intuition, your heart and your body again.

An integrative psychological practice is a hybrid of spiritual psychology (Jungian based), energy or biofield healing, and other non-traditional (non-clinical) techniques, such as tapping, non-touch energy healing, oneness meditation, body/somatic psychology, Akashic records retrieval, to name just a few techniques that differentiate an integrative practice from a traditional clinical one. While working with Dr. Hope may reduce stress and improve the quality of your life by supporting your connection to your heart and mind, as well as the physical self, it is not intended to replace regular medical treatments, clinical or psychiatric mental health care, nor to diagnose, treat, and claim to cure any physical and psychological ailment. Dr. Hope’s psychological consulting practice fosters the connection to self to the larger mystic world, as well as reconnect your heart to your intuition. Additionally, the intent and outcome of this work is to empower you to speak your truth to self and others, as you already know all that there is to know; you just need to reconnect the socket to the switch.

"Through social conditioning, trauma, and just life’s inevitable bumps and bruises, we have forgotten the deep space of wellness that is our right as a human being, a spiritual-self occupying a physical body. "

- Dr. Hope

Working with an integrative psychological consultant who practices these non-traditional modalities, along with the utilization of metaphor, language, and your story, can help alleviate emotional and physical stressors as well as provide a new perspective of the connectedness of all things. This work will help you find meaning and purpose beyond “mindfulness,” as we go deep into the mystic traditions to see fully who you are. This can help you rediscover your truth, your mission, and define your path moving forward.

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Integrative Holistic Psychology

Drawing from a rich tradition of Jungian psychology, Dr. Hope dives into the archetypes in our consciousness to help relieve anxiety, depression, and stress.

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consciousness & mysticism

Drawing from over 14 certifications in biofield energy and healing, Dr. Hope takes a unique approach to facilitating breakthrough results in all of her clients.


Intimate Personal Discovery

Dr. Hope’s work is truly individualized. She works collaboratively with every client to establish trust and lay the foundation to create meaningful changes in their life.

About Dr. Hope

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Dr. Hope is a Media Ambassador, part of an elite group of keynote speakers and authors that provides media interviews, authorship, radio and podcast interviews to major media outlets. Let’s go rogue and examine the edgy truths that makes us who we are and influence our behavior with self and American culture.

As a Media Ambassador, Dr. Hope specializes in addressing the intersection of psychology, historical context, and popular American culture, with an emphasis on the complex human experience and transcending personal and collective trauma.

Throughout the education and psychology industries, Dr. Hope, has held different positions in independent and private institutions as faculty, administrator, academic dean, program director, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation liaison officer (ALO), and CEO. As CEO, she created, executed, and lead one of the world’s most innovative licensure track integrative psychology and integrative health and medicine MA and PhD programs in a small graduate institute.

I have known Hope Umansky for a decade and I have always found her to be of great integrity, wisdom and a very highly skilled Academic and CEO.
William A. Tiller, PhD
Stanford Emeritus Professor